If I were a baseball player, this average would be impressive. As a writer who committed to writing 30 minutes a day for all of April and March and has…
(a book and a poem)
(guest post by Joy Vetterlein)
(you might have to google it)
(on writers' conferences)
(a guest post!)
Hi, friends! It’s 10:01pm on Wednesday night as I write. I got home from the writing conference at 3pm, shared highlights with my kids, talked and cried…
I met god this week in white-haired introverts bravely introducing themselves in a kind man who wants to write less academically, more vulnerably in…
Conversation as Marketing for Writers: 4 Ways that Worked for Me (Marla here. Today's guest post was written by Kandi Zeller! I'm in ATL at a writing…
Ask me how much writing (like my OWN writing that I will put in a book) I did in February. Zero writing. Like no writing. At all. Yikes. I have no…
both/and he's a jerk and you're better off without him I appreciate the sentiment and know you say it in love but it also minimizes my pain and sorrow…

February 2023

This has been my favorite Black History Month of all time. It wore me the hell out but in all the very best ways. On Instagram, we raised $5000 to…