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I will say this for evangelical christianity

scrappy as hell

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I knew it was coming

there once was a

depressing development

struggle bus

what I read for fun in the late 80s

what makes you (f)art?

this is not about writing

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16 letters in a Boggle tray

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moral of the story: be you

wanna hear a joke?

Making Marla's Story Sing

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too much of a good thing

fake boob

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so long, cover girl

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I ran out of gas

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guns > kids

my book is in a store!

batting .636


Ancient writers were in tents.


to go or not to go?

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I met god this week

conversation as marketing

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I'm still in bed

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deprogramming is a bitch

books in the (re)works (part 2)

awkward sentences


books in the (re)works (part 1)

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